Our services are offered as a system, which serves all your admissions and scholarship needs. The seven-phase system is offered to all our clients and can be supplemented with any of our optional services, which are available to those who need or desire additional time, attention, or assistance in a variety of areas.

Initial Consultation

• Discuss goals and expectations of the client
• Gather preliminary academic information
• Outline available services offered
– Make recommendations for services based on client’s needs/goals
– Sign contracts and receive down payment

Phase 1

• Discuss educational planning and strategic academic goals / career aadvisement
• Discuss extracurricular activities to boost student’s academic profile

Phase 2

• Develop a financial strategy / How to pay for school
– Including complementary FAFSA advisement
• Develop a list of schools/programs based on the candidate’s desires and abilities

Phase 3

• Begin writing common application essay
• Draft a resume

Phase 4

• Review and edit common application essay and resume

Phase 5

• Prepare for school visits and interviews
– Identity branding consultation

Phase 6

• Finalize school list
• Assemble application package

Develop a list of scholarship options based on the candidate’s desires and abilities

Phase 7

• Review acceptances and academic career path
• Address any last concerns and/or issues

*As with all things in life, timelines and outlines are simply guides. Your personalized, individual service may deviate from this outline due to services chosen, time constraints, scholarship requirements, admissions requirements, and any other unforeseen factors.