Ivy League Package

• Help gain admission to an Ivy League or a Top 50 school
• Includes:
– Academic Advising / Coaching and Career Strengthening
– Advanced Directive Writing
– Design and Branding Service
– Personalized Test Preparation


Often when applying to Ivy League intuitions, there is a veil of secrecy. Scholar Compass will help take the secrecy out of applying to these intuitions. We will help the student personally tailor his or her application materials to Ivy League intuitions. This will help each student harness the power of their materials and take them to the next level. Please see below for more information about the other optional services included in this package. We believe this combination of services will assemble a very competitive application to prestigious schools.

Academic Advising / Coaching and Career Strengthening

• Develop an in-depth, individualized strategy

– Class schedule and career planning
– Advanced interview preparation
– Advanced coaching for school visits
– Assistance with internship essays, if applicable


Academic advising / coaching and career strengthening includes assistance with choosing the right classes to help you reach your scholastic and career goals. We also offer guidance for choosing a major, field of study, or career path. With this optional service, you will also receive advanced interview preparation and coaching for school visits. Advanced interview preparation will help you practice for the interview process, including practice questions and information on what to expect in the interview and on school visits. This helps you put your best foot forward when meeting admissions staff and/or professors. We will also assist with finding internship opportunities and applying for them, including the essay(s), if applicable.

Advanced Directive Writing

• Additional assistance from our expert essay writing team
• In-person, college-level analysis of essays
– Includes essays for common app, diversity essay, and two supplemental essays


Advanced directive writing provides additional assistance from our expert essay writing team. You will receive in-person, college-level analysis of your essays and expert advice on how to improve your writing. A team member will meet one-on-one with the student to craft, revise, and finalize admissions essays, including the common app, diversity, and two (2) supplemental essays. Our experts will edit essays and provide comments as many times as needed to ensure the student reaches his or her highest potential. This will help the student to form the best possible essays for their individual applications.

Design & Branding

• Develop a vision and strategy based on individual goals
• Create a brand identity


After we connect with you and get to know your personality and educational/career goals, our creative process starts. A well-defined vision and well thought-out-strategy creates a map for the future of your brand. Your brand will enhance your unique qualities and make you stand out to admission committees, so they can see you as one in a million instead of just one of the million applications.

Included in our 7-Phase system is a one-hour design and branding consultation. Our in-house graphic designer will meet with you, either online or in-person, to discuss the basics of crafting and packaging your unique identity into a brand that will help market you to colleges and universities.

In our advanced design and branding package, the graphic designer will help you evolve your brand identity to represent your educational life. He will design your brand through his uniquely creative process based on your input, accomplishments, and personality. He will also help design a logo, social media accounts, and other marketing materials that are related to your needs.

Unlimited Essays

• Unique one-on-one academic essay building
• Unlimited number of essays / revisions for applications


This optional service offers assistance with an unlimited number of admissions essays. You will receive enhanced and expanded services, which will include working on any additional admission essays required for your chosen schools.

International Schools / Study Abroad

• Assistance with locating and applying to international schools
• Assistance with locating and applying to study abroad programs


We can assist you in applying to international schools and/or study abroad programs. Our experts have applied to and have attended various international schools. We will use our knowledge to assist you through the process. We begin by suggesting schools and/or study abroad programs that are appropriate for your desired field of study. During this decision-making process, you will have the choice if you would like to have a national or international focus.

Early Decision / Rush Service

Rush service for those who need the materials quickly
• Assist student to meet all deadlines


Scholar Compass can assist with early decision applications. This service is considered an additional, optional service because the deadlines are earlier and require expedient service. In addition to our traditional service, this package concentrates on the specific school(s) the student is certain he or she wants to attend. We will provide additional one-on-one service in a more condensed manner in order to reach the goal of applying as an early decision candidate.

Rush service is available if deadlines are quickly approaching. If time is running short, we can help you meet your goal to quickly apply to most institutions.

Financial Strategy Development

• Discuss financial options
• Schedule a meeting with our finance team


Many students and parents struggle with how to pay for college. Scholar Compass can help you find the means and alternative ways to fund higher education. We can assist you with many options, including government loans, personal loans, and personal loans without a co-signer. We reveal many techniques to increase your chances to receive the maximum amount of aid with the lowest interest rate. We can also assist parents with college financial planning well before their student is ready for college.

Educational Travel Assistance

• Organizing college visits
• Arranging campus tours


Scholar Compass will arrange and organize college visits at the school(s) of your choice. We can assist with travel plans and even recommend places to stay and entertainment options in your college town. We can connect you directly to a personal representative of the school of your choice and can arrange private campus tours. There is nothing like strolling the halls of an institution of higher learning and hanging out on the quad to help you decide whether to attend.

Off-Campus Living

• Relocation service
• Apartment/home tours with a licensed Realtor


Scholar Compass can also assist you with your move from home to university or college. We offer extensive relocation services. Whether you are interested in renting or owning, we can offer you many options for off-campus housing. Our licensed Realtor can arrange showings and tours of homes and/or apartments for rent and/or sale in the area of your university. We can tailor the showings based on your desired area of the city and your price range.

***As with all things in life, timelines and outlines are simply guides. Your personalized, individualized service may deviate from this outline due to services chosen, time constraints, scholarship requirements, admissions requirements, and any other unforeseen factors.