Scholar Compass provides expert advice and solutions for the following:

Admissions Assistance

– Application assistance
– Essay building
– Interview practice

Scholar Compass provides application assistance, essay building, and interview practice from a premiere professional staff, which includes professionals ranging from doctors to professors. We begin the process by helping each client discover his or her strengths and interests so that he or she has the potential to become a future candidate of premier American institutions of higher learning.

After we help shape the application and the accompanying materials, we continue with interview practice with consultants, who are alumni from top global schools and colleges. Scholar Compass helps with admissions strategies by creating a personalized program, specifically designed to maximize the candidate’s ability to be placed in a top tiered school and receive scholarships or fellowships as they proceed through the admissions process. We also strive to enable the candidate to enhance his or her potential to receive admission in the school and program of choice. Scholar Compass has a great admissions track record and our testimonials speak for themselves.

Scholarship Assistance

In an age where college has become more and more expensive, scholarships have become a ‘must have’ to minimize as much debt as possible. With the average cost of college tuition growing significantly over the years, higher education will continue to become more and more expensive, causing debt to rise in order to attend. The student loan system may have allowed many students to attend college, but it has also resulted in a widespread, crippling debt. Scholar Compass is dedicated to helping students put their best foot forward when applying for scholarships in an attempt to avoid the ‘debt trap’ of many universities. More than 70% of our students have received significant scholarships, with many receiving full tuition.

We understand the frustration associated with the scholarship process. Many guidance counselors are understaffed and underfunded, preventing them from providing the attention each student needs to be his/her best. By uncovering the student’s unique qualities, we help him/her stand out in the sea of scholarship and admissions applications.

Personalized Service

Scholar Compass aids its clients through a combination of three winning application strategies. These include identifying each client’s best assets, developing a quality application package, and focusing on defined goals. Our process enables our clients to stand apart from other applicants and enhances their chance for success. We provide individualized, personal attention to each student throughout our unique process. Our recommendations will help the student make better choices when selecting his/her target schools, major, and other career goals.

Directive Writing

In the movie industry, a director will often help organize the story by using small segments. We look at students’ academic writing in the same manner. We act as a director, coaching the students through the process of essay writing for admissions and scholarship applications. We help them achieve their best performance. Rather than helping him or her achieve an Oscar or a Golden Globe, we will help him or her gain admission into the school of his or her choice, whether it is a premier intuition in the region or an Ivy League institution.

Financial Advising

Paying for school is a necessary part of the college experience that has many options. Our expert admissions consultants will review all of the financial options to pay for higher education with you. We can provide advice on filling out the federal student aid application (FAFSA) and discuss scholarship opportunities to help fund your education. If you prefer more extensive advice, we can offer our optional service, financial planning. We can help you find the best way to finance your education that makes the most dollars and sense.

Educational Planning

Scholar Compass can help plan tours to the colleges and/or universities of your choice. We also specialize in locating externships for students. We can assist high school students find paid and unpaid externships at corporations and companies in their chosen field of study. This can supplement their applications and add much needed work experience to their resumes.

International Students

Scholar Compass recognizes that higher education is essential to the success of students living around the world. We can assist you in navigating every aspect of the application process.

We offer the right course of action for your entire academic journey!

While no service can guarantee specific results, Scholar Compass can help you to gain a competitive academic edge.