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College  Admissions Assistance
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Scholar Compass helps students obtain scholarships and admission
to their school of choice.

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Be on the inside track and learn how to get accepted to the school of your choice, from leading regional institutions to prestigious Ivy League schools

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Attain the jobs that build your career and reach your full potential

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Our Packages

Scholar compass offers three packages*, each with Delegate, VIP and Elite tiers. This allows you to choose the service level that best suits your needs and your budget. Expand the tiers below to view more details. Contact us to learn more and to set up a free 30-minute consultation.

Pre-College Preparation

This package is designed to help students apply for private Junior/Senior high schools or to help high school student select the colleges of interest and set a strategy for classes, extracurricular activities and other items to improve the chances of acceptance. Also included are study preparation, tutoring, essay and interview preparation as well as scholarship applications and more.

Pre-Grad Preparation

This package helps college students prepare for graduate school including applications and entrance exams, class selection, securing internships and scholarship applications.


Each academic phase requires a different type of preparation. Our packages are tailored based on whether your student’s goal is to attend a private Junior/Senior high school, prestigious university or be accepted to the Graduate program of their choice.


  • Educational planning/Career advisement
  • Basic financial strategy (30-minutes)
  • 1 List of Schools (based on choice of major)
  • 1 Common Application Essay (reviewed, edited, and polished)
  • 1 Resume (reviewed, edited, polished)
  • Preparation for school visits (30 minutes)
  • Preparation for interviews (30 minutes)
  • 1 hour - Identity/Branding Consultation
  • Finalized and Assembled Application Package
  • Scholarship Options List
  • Review Acceptances and Career Advisement


Includes Delegate Level items plus:

Academic Advising / Coaching and Career Strengthening

  • Class schedule evaluation and career planning
  • Advanced interview preparation
  • Advanced coaching for school visits
  • Assistance with locating internships
  • Assistance with (up to 2) internship essays

Advanced Directive Writing

  • In-person, college-level analysis of essays
  • 3 Essays for common application
  • 1 Resume (reviewed, edited, polished)
  • Diversity essay
  • Two supplemental essays

Design and branding service

  • Develop a vision and strategy based on individual goals
  • Create a brand identity
  • Includes:
  • A unique, original logo (business card, digital letterhead)
  • Graphics for social media accounts


Includes all VIP Package items plus:
  • 5 essays for common application
  • 5 supplemental essays
  • Complete design and branding service

* Please note: To maintain superior quality and provide the best assistance possible, the services offered in the Pre-Graduation and Pre-College options are available in the packages only. We do not offer those services individually.

Post-School Life

When finals are finished, and the commencement ceremony concludes, a new phase begins. Jobs, family and mortgages take the place of studying, hanging out and dorm rooms. For many students, this transition is challenging. That’s why we offer career preparation services. We help young people learn how to create a personal brand and manage several aspects of post-school life.

* Please note: To maintain superior quality and provide the best assistance possible, the services offered in the Career Preparation option are available in the packages only. We do not offer those services individually.


Whether entering the job market from high school, college or graduate school, or switching careers, this package helps you create the image you wish to portray to hiring managers. Additional assistance with preparing for job interviews, skill tests, salary and compensation package negotiations and obtaining the position you want at target employers is included. Improve your image with a refreshed resume, branded website, optimized LinkedIn profile and social presence.



  • One version of your Updated resume
  • Branding for new jobs
  • Social media
  • Job applications/career services
  • Job placement


Includes Delegate Level items plus:
  • 1 additional version of your resume (2 total)
  • 1 additional professionally written cover letter (2 total)
  • Money management
  • 2-minute video profile
  • Salary and compensation comparative analysis


Includes all VIP Package items plus:
  • 1 additional versions of your resume (3 total)
  • additional professionally written Cover letter (3 total)
  • Optimized LinkedIn Profile
  • Branded Website designed to highlight your experience and goals
  • 3 minute Video interview
  • Salary and compensation negotiation advice


The following items can be requested individually. Contact us or schedule an appointment to learn which services are best for your student.

  • Federal Student Loan Resolution and Forgiveness
  • Financial planning
  • Retirement and estate planning
  • Mortgage, car and loan finance
  • Rental and other Insurance
  • Off-campus rentals
  • Relocation Assistance
  • International and educational travel

Our Services

Scholar Compass can help you or your student gain a competitive academic edge.

Learn more about the services offered in the Pre-College and Pre-Graduation packages, below.

Admissions Assistance

Scholar Compass helps with admissions strategies by creating a personalized program, specifically designed to maximize your ability to be placed in a top tiered school. We continue with interview practice with consultants, who are alumni from top global schools and colleges.

Scholarship Assistance

Scholarships have become a ‘must have'. More than 70% of our students have received significant scholarships, with many receiving full tuition.

Directive Writing

We act as a director, coaching students through the process of essay writing for admissions and scholarship applications to achieve their best performance.

International students and students abroad

International Students

Scholar Compass recognizes that higher education is essential to the success of students living around the world. We can assist you in navigating every aspect of the application process, relocation and cultural preparedness.

Career Services

During school, we help you choose classes that can help you achieve career goals. As graduation gets closer, Scholar Compass can assist you with creating the appropriate business profile, marketing and placement into your targeted career.

Post-Graduate Services

We live in turbulent times. What do you want your career to look like in 5 years? 10 years? Receive advice on paying off any student loans, family and retirement planning with Scholar Compass 'future-proofing' strategies.

Educational Planning

Scholar Compass can help plan tours to the colleges and/or universities of your choice. We also specialize in locating externships for students, which adds much needed work experience to their resumes.

Financial Advising

Our expert admissions consultants will review your financial options and provide advice on filling out the federal student aid application (FAFSA). If you prefer more extensive advice, we can offer our optional service, financial planning.

It's All About You!

We provide individualized, personal attention to each student. Our unique process and recommendations will help the student make better choices when selecting his/her target schools, declare a major, and other career goals.

Contact Us Today

We offer a complementary, 30-minute, one-on-one consultation. It is our goal to provide information on how our services can help both students and parents prepare for the academic path ahead so the student can reach his or her educational goals. Using our system, we provide a plan specifically tailored to each student’s needs.

Contact us or schedule an appointment today.